One Box Television - Flyaway Television Facilities

Welcome to One Box Television - the perfect solution to record multi camera shoots. Imagine a full television gallery and 16 cameras, talkbacks, racking, VT, graphics - the works. And imagine all that rigged anywhere you want in a matter of hours. Just sit down and start looking at camera shots.

That's One Box Television. Portable HD broadcast-standard production facilities - anywhere.

Imagine an OB truck, but you only pay for the bits you need. Up to 16 HD cameras, recorded tapelessly with tallies, vision control, talkback, reverse vision. Live or recorded, the One Box Television galleries can do everything you need. Just look at the list of credits and see so many shows that would have used a truck but now they use One Box. Save money, and maybe add another camera that you didn't think you could afford. Our quotes are free and quick to do, so just drop us a line.


How One Box Works

Discover more details of the Fly away Gallery

Our custom built gallery in a box. Available up to a maximum of 16 cameras with full racking, all in High Definition.

Explore our Flyaway Gallery solutions; we've listed everything you need to know for both production crews and technical managers.

One Box Projects

Look through our Case Studies

Some of our recent projects include BBC Songs of Praise, Bang Goes the Theory, Young Musician of the Year, Children in Need, BBC Radio 2 in Blackpool and many more.

Discover how we did these with our Case Studies - the story of the event and how One Box Television delivered on screen quality.

Wrap Around Solutions

Wrap around solutions

One Box Television are able to supply the full range of technical equipment to suit almost every project.

Cameras, Jib and experienced Jib operators, VT, floor plasmas, additional talkback, graphics playout - just some examples. Explore the full range of additional equipment One Box can provide.