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From 2 to 16 Cameras - HD Vision Suite

One Box Television

Now in our 7th year, One Box Television has continually modified and adapted the set ups to meet client requirements. There are six units in the fleet, coping with up to 16 cameras. Our newly designed on-camera backs allow even longer fibre cable runs than before. Although being located within a venue keeps cable runs short (and quick to install), we can run over 300m when required or use our unique OB trailers.


With the increasing costs and decreasing availability of TV studios, the flexibility of the One Box equipment has taken the team to a variety of "studio" locations. Horrible Science (Malcolm Ryan Studios), Mr Bloom's Nursery (Pie Factory), Red Dwarf X (Shepperton), Ministry of Curious Stuff (Elstree Film Studios), Project Shopper (Cannon Street), Antiques House (Pinewood), and Bang Goes The Theory (Bedford/Brighton) are just some of the places that have become TV studios with the One Box galleries.


With only one job to tape in the last five years, One Box Television have been leaders in tapeless recording. With a variety of Codecs for FCP or Avid, we can record continuously, and hand over everything on one drive at the end of the evening. For a recent three week studio job, we used our unique high-speed transfer system to send a “drive” to the edit 10 minutes into the lunch break. Main and all ISOs, ready to go. “Release The Hounds” for ITV2 required 24 Pro Res record machines bringing our stock to over 50 tapeless recording machines.

One Box Television were proud to work on first tapeless shoots for Songs of Praise, Antiques Roadshow, and National Treasures. Now shooting series 3 of “Modern Life is Goodish” with Dave Gorman, we provide 10 tapeless recorders ready for the next day’s edit. Al Murray's Live DVD was done in the same way allowing a speedy edit for Christmas release. Child Genius (Wall to Wall), The Richard Dimbleby Lecture (BBC1), Billy Connolly DVD, and Bring Me The Horizon (number 1 DVD) are some of our bigger tapeless projects.


Talkback is a key part to any shoot. As well as the standard cabled talkback to cameras, One Box Television offers a wide variety of extras. A recent live shoot had two incoming "4 wire" circuits for clean feed and comms to the main studio. Presenter talkback, floor manager's radios, sound talkback and lighting talkback are all possible. A 24 way comms matrix allows great flexibility.

One Box Television

The key to success is planning - pure and simple. From your initial contact, through the recce, planning meeting and to your recording day, we will guide and advise on everything you may want. We will supply everything you need, the right crew to operate it, and we will deliver outstanding results.

We pride ourselves on our Wrap Around Solutions - whatever you need, we're usually able to supply it.


For audio, we have a small team of friendly sound supervisors who can tailor your requirements from something as simple as three presenters to a full orchestra. One Box Television work closely with dedicated audio mobiles including Ethos Audio, The Mix Bus and Red TX.

One Box Television