The Story

Commissioned by Quest, Avalon made 20 shows at 3 Mills Studios after a successful pilot in another studio. Having supplied the OB for 5 series of Dave Gorman’s “Modern Life is Goodish”, One Box Television have a good relationship with Avalon.

The large empty stage at 3 Mills created the perfect space for the telescopic trailer to be parked indoors - no room for trucks outside. With the director, producer, vision mixer and script supervisor upstairs, the downstairs was handed to graphics and the questions team.

Rob Ashard provided sound facilities in an adjacent room whilst vision, lighting, VT and comms were rigged at the back of the stage. This kept everybody in a small area which meant face to face communication was easy when required.

Running 11 Hyperdecks, a drive was sent twice daily to the edit - one per show - for immediate ingest ready to start cutting the following day.


One Box Details

  • Client: Avalon for Quest
  • Date: Jan/Feb 2019
  • Vital Statistics:
    Telescopic trailer (parked inside)
    9 x cameras
    5 x Osprey Peds
    2 x 75” screens with colour correctors
    Graphics and scoring support
    12 x Comms panels
    Lighting gallery

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