Case Studies - Release the Hounds

ITV2, Sept 2014

Realease the Hounds

The biggest project we have ever been involved with, this shoot involved 287 camera positions over the month of June, connected by 28km of fibre.

With two complete 11 camera galleries, one in our unique trailer and one in a portakabin, One Box Television recorded 6 shows for Fox USA followed by 7 shows for ITV2.

Using 24 of our own Blackmagic Hyperdeck recorders, all cameras were recorded tapelessly with an on-site DIT managing data from our cameras as well as all the Go Pro cameras from Dan Greenway.


One Box Television supplied:

2 x 11 camera HD galleries
24 x Hyperdeck Recorders
96 x 128gb SSDs
5 x HD cameras
1 x HJ40 lens
1 x One Box Trailer
2 x Vision Control Positions
2 x Hothead Op Positions



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