Case Studies - Songs of Praise

BBC1, October 2011

Producer - Charlotte Hindle

BBC Songs of Praise

Having first worked on Songs of Praise over 20 years ago, Richard Stevenson has seen the change from three 40' trucks to two 19" racks. A special show attended by members of the Armed Forces in Colchester to mark Remembrance Sunday 2011.

Songs of Praise's first tapeless OB, with 5 Nanoflash recorders. The complete drive was handed to the producer 15 minutes after the wrap. By shooting tapelessly, we were able to record rehearsals without worries about stock costs, providing useful extra shots for the edit


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One Box Television supplied:

4 x HDCam kits
5 X HD Nanoflash recorders
3 x HD 22:1 lens
1 x HD A13 wide lens
Full vision control
Radio talkback for FM
2 x Osprey Peds
HD Monitor for the sound truck (Tony Wass)
1 x Floor Manager monitor


BBC Songs of Praise