Case Studies - Spending Review Debate

BBC1, Sept 2010

BBC Spending Review Debate Gallery

One Box Television were approached by the BBC in Manchester to help with a 50 minute debate as part of a pan-BBC1 series looking at the Spending Review. The venue was The People's Museum in Manchester and was to be a debate in the round, with no top panel, just two presenters and an invited audience of around 60 people.

The gallery was installed in an upstairs meeting room overlooking the main venue, and there were 7 cameras to cover all aspects in the debate. From a 0930 start we were able to start looking at shots just after lunchtime, and the recording started at 8pm. After the finish time of 9pm, we had cleared the derig by around 11pm.

Graphics were fed from out GFX playout system onto 4 plasmas on the floor, and there were also VT films played in through the same plasmas. The mix was recorded onto 2 DVCAM VTs, and each camera ran an ISO. Production talkback was supplied to all cameras, 3 boom operators and the floor manager.


One Box Television supplied:

7 x fibre kits (inc 100m)
3 x 32" LCD
One Box
Vision Control Box
2 x DVCam Machines
Computer Graphics feed and distribution
Radio talkback for FM, sound and presenter



BBC News Spending Review Debate

BBC Spending Review Debate Gallery