The Story

Director: Toby Baker. Production: Jess Hynes

Recorded in the iconic Royal Institution in central London, this shoot involved up to 10 cameras, various graphics feeds and a large comms rig. With a huge gallery space housed in a library downstairs, the extensive cable rig was installed to the main lecture theatre. In addition to shooting 3 series with the children, 3 Christmas Specials were also recorded pitching celebrities against the kids.

With the series usually split across 3 blocks, the rig was installed each time - and it’s always easier to go back to a job and venue the crew know well.


One Box Details

  • Client: Wall to Wall for Channel 4
  • Date: 2016 to 2019
  • Vital Statistics:
    9 x studio cameras
    2 x C300 cameras
    Multiple graphics feed
    12 x Comms panels
    Apple TV rig for contestant tablet live feed

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