The Story

Directors: Paul Wheeler, Peter Orton. Production: Natalie Wall

The requirement for two groups of comedians to watch identical live matches in two different studios at Sky. With all of Sky’s galleries busy, One Box Television had 5 Portakabins outside to house two production galleries, two sound galleries, one EVS gallery, one lighting gallery and one vision/comms room.

A combined comms rig allowed each director to speak to all of their crew and talent utilising a lot of RF kit already owned by Sky. A Saturday rig and test before recording two matches on a Sunday


One Box Details

  • Client: Avalon for Sky One
  • Date: February 2019
  • Vital Statistics:
    2 x galleries
    10 x cameras
    8 x Peds
    2 x Apple TV rigs
    3 x Lighting OLED
    16 x comms panels
    2 x sound galleries

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