The Story

Director: Jeanette Goulbourn. Production: Katrin Lewis

In its 18th series, this iconic series has grown year on year for technical requirements. With 9 Sony 3100 cameras, 3 x C300 cameras and 8 Go Pro, there’s a lot to rig and maintain. Over 25 monitors for various departments including switchable monitors in sound, lighting, vision, EVS and for the director. With no line cut, the director’s 25” OLED is an essential tool allowing them to see any camera in full HD alongside the huge 75” multiview that shows everything.

From the early morning props meeting to the last entrepreneur leaving the Den, a crew of two from the One Box team look after everything from cameras to comms, Apple TV with colour corrector, feeds to EVS and the numerous monitors.


One Box Details

  • Client: BBC Studios
  • Date: April 2019
  • Vital Statistics:
    9 x studio cameras
    3 x C300 cameras
    8 x Go Pro (Monitored)
    2 x 75” Multiview
    5 x Studio Peds
    2 x 95:1 lenses

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