With 34 years of broadcast experience, Richard Stevenson’s One Box Television company has been finding new ways of delivering OBs for the last 11 years. With up to 16 racked cameras, we can cope with relatively large OBs to suit a range of production styles.

Studios - where you want them

With the increasing costs and decreasing availability of TV studios, the flexibility of the One Box equipment has taken the team to a variety of "studio" locations.

In February 2019, two complete galleries were created for a weekly Sky One show – two vision mixers, two sound galleries etc. Earlier in 2019, our unique telescopic trailer was parked on a stage at 3 Mills to provide full gallery facilities to record 20 shows across 2 weeks.

Tapeless Productions

Eight years ago we provided the first tapeless shoots for Songs of Praise, Antiques Roadshow and a number of MTV productions. Now it is a standard requirement and with over 50 machines in stock alongside ultra-fast data transfer equipment, it is the most cost-effective way to record any production.

When shooting several shows a day it allows drives to head to the edit earlier, keeping the production process moving along at speed.

Talkback - communication is key

Having worked closely with a leading communications supplier over the last 10 years, One Box Television has some of the most flexible kit available for production galleries.

Kit that was designed for us is now selling to numerous other users. With up to 24 panels available on a show, this more than covers requirements for the gallery, sound, lighting, vision, VT etc.

Audio - sounds good to us

For audio, we have a small team of friendly sound supervisors who can tailor your requirements from something as simple as three presenters to a full orchestra. One Box Television work closely with dedicated audio mobiles including Ethos Audio, The Mix Bus and Red TX.

One Box Television has everything you need for your production

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