The Story

Director: Ollie Bartlett. Production: Emma Norris

With less than 10 days from the first call, this 7 camera gig was booked, crewed and transmitted. After a speedy site visit, the kit was prepped to include 2 long lenses, 3 Play insert VT kit, full sound rig from Ethos Audio and a PSC lighting cameraman to shoot extra footage on the night. With Paris in the midst of a huge transport strike, getting the crew on site was a challenge but all went to plan (despite the 11 hour van drive!). Live to an estimated audience of 25 million in Iran and across the world, it was the best way to end a busy year in 2019 with TX on December 19th.


One Box Details

  • Client: Manoto TV for Marjan TV
  • Date: December 2019
  • Vital Statistics:
    7 x cameras
    2 x long lens
    3Play insert VT machine
    PSC crew with edit

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