The Story

Director: Toby Baker. Production: Suzie Marsh

After over 20 years of the BBC having the rights to the Lottery, Camelot adopted a commercial side with 2 live adverts on a Saturday night on ITV. Mobilising our single-storey trailer, we housed 9 people in 11 different locations across the UK. With just 3 cameras, a small crew rigged the location on a Saturday morning ready for the afternoon rehearsal. Lines into ITN and comms via our own GSM TBU allowed the director to talk to ITN whilst the producer communicated with Camelot at Pinewood.

Recorded less than 90 seconds before TX, the EVS recording at ITN was turned around to add the ball numbers and other graphics.


One Box Details

  • Client: ITN for CAMELOT
  • Date: 2018/19
  • Vital Statistics:
    One Box trailer
    3 x cameras
    1 x HJ40 lens
    Radio comms
    2 x GSM TBU for comms
    Feeds to sat truck

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