The Story

Director: Lewis Wright. Production: Jake Holdsworth

To shoot 5 “as live” shows across a huge farm open to the public meant a lot of fibre! With a main presenting area in an open-sided barn, we were able to park our telescopic trailer alongside housing production upstairs, then sound, VT and vision downstairs. 7 cameras spread out including a jib.

A remote sound recordist allowed the farthest cameras to work in various positions beyond RF range by feeding a mix back down the camera and the presenters’ IEMs were fed from the camera giving them “Better comms than we’ve ever had before”.


One Box Details

  • Client: Daisy Beck for Channel 5
  • Date: April 2019
  • Vital Statistics:
    Telescopic trailer
    7 x cameras
    2km fibre
    Multiple site-wide radio comms
    Remote sound mixing
    Full VT record and playback

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