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One Box Television

This unique facility was designed in-house having worked in a number of venues that simply don't have space for the One Box Television derig kits. By using the existing One Box technology, it adds a comfortable, air-conditioned space for production. Why unique? The trailer expands vertically on hydraulic rams, pushing the roof up like the outside of a matchbox stood on end. The internal stairs then lead to a second space. Downstairs is pre rigged for vision with two engineering positions, a 12-machine VT bay and up to 12 RCPs. A rear desk is suitable for sound, graphics or EVS.

Running up to 16 cameras, the unique folding monitor stack upstairs area offers 4 HD quad split monitors, two preview monitors, 25" OLED TX monitor and full comms. As the equipment is installed the day before, we can use our own fibre where we use our own cameras, either our HDW750 or HDC1500s or any of the new large sensor cameras. The trailer has worked with Alexas (Elstree and Hammersmith), Sony F5s, F55s, Red Epic and C300s. All tapelessly iso recorded as Prores files.

How much does it cost? We add £200 to the normal One Box quote for all of this! There is a delivery charge which is naturally location dependent to cover the cost of our Land Rover Discovery towing vehicle.

The biggest project for the trailer was ITV’s “Release The Hounds” which had up to 48 different camera positions during each night shift. Other venues include Buckingham Palace (live on ITV1), Elstree Film Studios (9 Alexas for Sarah Brightman), Hammersmith Apollo (7 Alexas for Bill Bailey, 8 HCD1500 for Billy Connolly), Camden Roundhouse (live), The Old Vic (live), Biggin Hill Airfield (live to cinemas), Kew Records Office (live), Tower of London (live) and Alexandra Palace (12 Alexas, 4 Epics for Bjork).

Perfect for gigs where you have already booked a specialist audio vehicle and need One Box Television to deal with cameras!


One Box Television

One Box Television