The Trailer

These unique OB trailers were designed and built in-house. Whilst many venues have great large spaces inside to rig our derig galleries, shortening cable runs and eliminating parking issues, there are occasions when a truck is required. Using the existing flyaway kits combined with the space of a truck with air-conditioning and plenty of space for production, it’s the best of both worlds.

Unit One

A single parking space and a 16a power feed are all that are needed for this trailer. Seating up to 9 production in 3 rows, the trailer has proved popular with both directors and crew. The two 43” multiview monitors combined with a raised 43” TX monitor ensure everybody in the truck has the best view. Parked at the side of stage for a festival or outside The Titanic Museum for a live Lottery, the Tardis-like interior allows production the space that is needed without requiring huge parking areas. Running up to 16 cameras, the interior layout allows the rear desks to be allocated as required. The rear three seats are raised to allow a great view over the other production space and this has been used for EVS, autocue, graphics, vision control, legal teams and producers.

Unit Two

On another level. Literally. The unique, in-house design of this telescopic trailer doubles the interior floor space without taking up any more parking that Unit 1. Upstairs houses at least 5 production staff over two rows with 25” OLED for TX, multiview screens for up to 16 sources and two large preview monitors. Downstairs traditionally houses sound, vision and VT but is completely flexible so if parked alongside a sound mobile, we can add our 3Play replay operation for live play-in. As it’s a trailer, studios and other venues have allowed us to park inside. Wembley Arena, Alexandra Palace, Pinewood Studios, Wimbledon Studios. Parking inside allows the production team easy access to the floor without worrying about weather or parking dispensations. Birds of a Feather opted for this allowing the director to walk down the internal stairs and talk face to face with cast.


At a Glance

  • Cameras: up to 16
  • Routers:
    24/x24 Comms
    40x40 Vision
  • As Standard
    HD Monitoring
    Vision Control
    Tapeless Recording
  • Also
    Air Conditioning
    Small Footprint
  • Trailer Shows
    National Lottery (11 OBs, nationwide)
    Good Morning Britain (Buckingham Palace, 2016,2018)
    Billy Connolly Live (Hammersmith Apollo)
    Springtime on The Farm
    Comedians Watching Football (2 trucks for the pilot)
    Bill Bailey Live
    Cinema Q+A Live (BFI, London)
    Bearded Theory Festival
    Chinese Film Awards (Indigo, O2)
    Thronecast (Sky One)

Explore Inside

360 tour of Unit 1
360 tour of Unit 2

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